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  1. “Fascinating history of the last battle of the 2nd World War” – David Cockroft on
  2. “It is a fantastic read and a story I knew nothing about. Thank you Eric and Pen and Sword for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Lockdown saviours.” – Stephen Johnson on Twitter
  3. Highly recommended. This, and Lee’s other books, are like funnels that work in reverse; a seemingly small local story, of interest on its own perhaps, expands and connections are made that are almost counterintuitive. An obscure battle in a WW2 backwater has things to say about the Dutch Communist Party, Soviet cinematic takes on the Great Patriotic War, and the history of Georgia. Highly readable as well.” – D.B. on
  4. “The tale is beautifully composed and transmitted. If you’re a student of history and politics, but may not have heard about the final battle of the war, this volume is highly recommended.” – Roy Nitzberg on
  5. “In thirteen fascinating and well-documented chapters, Eric Lee chronologically describes those bloody spring days on Texel.” – [in Dutch]
  6. “I thought that the 7+ hours I spent reading this history book were interesting. This was another book that I had never come across before. It does a very good job of giving a deep background. It also offered a good follow up as to what happened in the years following WWII. I am glad that I finished reading this book yesterday. I am fortunate to be able to post this review on the 75th Dutch National Remembrance Day. I like the chosen cover art. I give this book a 4 out of 5.” – John Purvis on
  7. Fascinating and engaging read. Highly recommend!” – Lauren Tobias on
  8. “Great book, a new piece of history for me. Was lucky enough to get this on a discount, but in all honesty would have paid more for it. Manages to not only explore and explain a part of World War II which I didn’t know, and seems less covered, but does so in a fascinating and gripping way which made me forget at times I was reading a history book, which sometimes I find can be pretty dry. Would totally recommend.” – Will on
  9. Brilliant! A fabulous story from WW2!.” – JP Wright on
  10. “Really interesting and moving story of WW2 conflict that I had never heard of. Highly recommended.” – Frank J on
  11. “A great book illustrated with good photos. Eric Lee tells the story of a gruesome, hitherto unknown rebellion in the last days of the war. This is an important, fascinating story.” – Mike K. Hallam on
  12. “A spellbinding tale of those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.” – Damien Lewis, author of SAS Shadow Raiders: The Ultra-Secret Mission that Changed the Course of WWII.   
  13. A fascinating read. This is a compelling story of the absurdity, the horror, the fragile loyalties and the fabrications of war. The author has managed to sift through outright lies, state propaganda, fuzzy memories, revisionist narratives and misguided interpretations to offer up a clear, gripping, coherent perspective of the last battle of the war. It’s a reasonably short, easy read that’s a concentration of insight and knowledge.” morwenna on
  14. “Overall a fascinating piece of history. Recommended.” Howard Fuller
  15. “Een meer dan voortreffelijk boek, omdat het niet alleen de opstand goed beschrijft, maar ook de voorgeschiedenis en stand van zaken na de oorlog goed in het geheel betrekt. Zeer goed!” –
  16. “A fascinating account of the little-known final battle of World War II in Europe.” – The Bookseller